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HP Plum Loft Ladders


The LWK Loft Ladder is a folding loft ladder made of the highest quality pine wood, supplied with an insulated hatch door, red painted metal handrail and stile ends (available only in the 3 section version). The hatch door is white on the inside and outside.

The treads protrude beyond the front of the ladder and there is a considerable space between the ladder and the hatch door. Such a design makes stepping into the treads easier, thus increasing the ease of using the loft ladder.

The red painted metal handrail is mounted on the ladder's angle brackets. This makes climbing the loft ladder easier.

The brown stile ends, mounted on the ladder feet, enhance the beauty, project the floor and increase the loft ladder's stability.


Normally a 36mm thick insulated hatch door is installed with all our loft ladders. The hatch door is a pine wood frame, finished on each side with a white or beige HDF panel and the space between is filled with energy saving foamed polystyrene. The insulation coefficient is 1.1W/m2K.

The outer side (visible when the door is closed) of the hatch door is smooth with no fixing points visible. The lock and the metal pole supplied make closing the hatch door easy.

The unique hatch door opening mechanism is designed in such a way that it does not hinder your access to the loft. The mechanism locks the entire ladder in position when open, ensuring it is stable for operational use. The springs can be adjusted to optimise the momentum (force) of the lid when it is being opened. All ladders' hatch doors are fully edge sealed with a sealing strip to minimise heat loss.

Treads are fitted using dovetail joints for added durability. There is a space between the treads and the hatch for more comfortable foot positioning onto the treads and safety grooves are cut into the treads to prevent slipping.

The angle brackets fastening the ladder to the hatch enables the positioning of the ladder to be adjusted.
Loft Ladder Features:

  • Quick fixing system enables the ladder to be easily installed by two people and allows for easy ladder height adjustment
  • Supplied to the client complete and does not require any pre-installation assembly
  • Outer side (visible) of the hatch with the lock installed inside is smooth, so there are no hard ware fixing points visible which could provoke moisture (because of temperature difference) build-up on surface
  • Ideal tightness between the hatch and the frame is secured by a parameter seal positioned in the groove milled in the frame
  • 3.6 cm thick white insulated hatch door
  • Non-slip treads
  • Aesthetically milled corners of the treads do not protrude from the ladder's surface
  • Metal handrail
  • Stile ends (available only in the 3-section version)
Loft ladder Sizes:

Loft Ladder sizes available are:
Komfort LWK 270
Komfort LWK 280
Komfort LWK 280
Komfort LWK 305
Komfort LDK 335 Slide Up LoftLadder
Slide Section 335 LDS-11
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