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HP Plum Profile

HP Plum specialises in natural slate roofing.

When you want your home to look stunning and stand out from the rest, we are the roofing specialists to contact. We have been in the roofing business since 1956 and realise how important it is to have a good looking home that is weatherproof and long lasting.

The first Peterlo roof - patented by Peter Plum - was installed in 1960 in Claremont and is still intact. The new Peterlo Stormkap patent incorporates the proven Peterlo system, as well as the innovative Stormkap system, to treble the life span of your roof.

When choosing a roof covering, it is vital to consider the following factors: the economy, pitch, insulation properties and architectural appearance of the roof, as well as atmospheric and chemical influences.

The main requirements for a roof are to:

Rainproof (not waterproof) the structure.
Stand up to any type of weather condition (such as storms and gales) without showing great signs of change.
Be light in weight.
Provide some degree of protection against fire.

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